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The Retiring Farmer

The Retiring Farmer™ Wealth Management Process is a concept developed from working with farm families across Canada. We have worked alongside farmers in the areas of tax, retirement, and estate planning for over 35 years. If there are two things we understand – it’s farmers and managing wealth.

Over the years and through our relationship with farm business owners, we have witnessed major changes within the farming community. From small family farms to large corporate entities, we have come to learn that what establishes a successful farm business is one that understands the importance of good planning. It’s that simple.

The Retiring Farmer™ Wealth Management Process specializes in reducing taxation on the sale of the family farm and the tax efficient transfer of the farm to the next generation, either during the lifetime of a farmer or through their estate.


Specialized services provide a comprehensive framework for our team of professionals to create a plan, help coordinate its implementation, and to monitor its success over time for our clients.

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The Retiring Farmer™ Wealth Management Process provides a lean, structured, and thorough format to the management of farm retirement, liquidation, and/or succession.

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