Legal aspects of Canadian farm operations are a critical component of farm planning. Understanding the complexities of law as it applies to both incorporated and unincorporated farming operations requires an experienced agricultural legal team.The Retiring Farmer™ Wealth Management Process involves working with trusted legal professionals who contribute their expertise to the organization and its clients, ensuring you receive the best guidance to achieve your financial and professional goals.

Key Benefits


Make Better Decisions

When it comes to the most important decisions such as buying or transferring land, you need a skilled legal team you can trust.


Avoid Complications

While farming is an inherently risky business, a good legal team can help you anticipate and avoid challenges, securing your business.


Gain a Competitive Edge

With strong legal planning, you can develop an effective business strategy that can refine your operations and increase your bottom line.

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Maximize your wealth and secure your legacy. We specialize in reducing taxation on the sale of the family farm and in facilitating its tax-efficient transfer to the next generation. Book your consultation today.

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