Succession Planning

Plan for a Successful Future

Succession planning is the process of downsizing, selling the farm, or transferring the farm to the younger generation. This transition can be stressful and emotional, not only for the retiring generation but also for other family members, such as children interested in continuing the farming legacy or those choosing a different career path. The Retiring Farmer™ Wealth Management Process will keep you on track by being objective and ensuring that your succession plan addresses all affected participants and minimizes income tax to preserve wealth.

Key Benefits


Preserve Your Wealth

With an effective transition plan in place, you can minimize income tax and keep your hard-earned assets in the family.


Avoid Conflict

When handled professionally, succession can be a smooth and straightforward process, free of emotional complications and conflict.


Guarantee a Fair Outcome

Ensure your transition plan is fair to farming and non-farming children as well as to other stakeholders.

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