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The Farm Family Office

A Cohesive, Coordinated Plan 

Over the past few decades, Canadian farms have grown larger and more complex. Farm families require the specialized experience of external advisors, but the lack of coordination among these experts often leads to confusion, uncertainty, and missed opportunities. The Retiring Farmer is the first Family Office Concept dedicated to Canadian farm families. We essentially act as your personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO), providing a specialized team of professional consultants who manage and coordinate your affairs, helping you and your family attain your business and personal goals.

Key Benefits


Personalized Solutions

Our guidance is based on a thorough understanding of your farm family’s unique financial affairs, lifestyle needs, and goals.


An Integrated Plan

Our plan includes portfolio investments, future-focused tax planning, farm liquidation and/or transfer planning, and estate planning.


A Coordinated Approach

We work closely with external advisors, such as accountants, lawyers, and insurers, to effectively meet your farm family objectives.


Inclusive and Forward-Thinking Services

We make ourselves available to all generations of the farm family, helping manage farm liquidations and succession in ownership alike and ensuring everyone benefits fairly.


Reassuring, Comprehensive Guidance

While managing financial and taxation complexities can be stressful, we provide holistic guidance that reduces uncertainty and empowers you to make smart decisions.


Accessible Advice and Documentation

We make it easy for you to understand our strategic advice with written and visual presentation of plans and frequent informative reporting.

Our Process

Through our decades-long relationship with farm families, we have witnessed major changes within the farming community. From small family farms to large corporate entities, we know that a successful farm business understands the importance of good planning. It’s that simple.

After an introductory call, in which we provide you with an overview of our services and discuss what you want to achieve with your farm business, our process goes as follows:

  • Discovery Meeting

    During our meeting, our aim is to discover where you are today and where you want to go. Through this unique and personalized process, our team will provide you with specific recommendations as to financial, income tax, and wealth management strategies to help you more effectively achieve your goals. This one meeting will answer many of the questions you have been struggling to answer.

    This step is structured to guide you through the following four questions:

    1. What’s important to you?
    2. Where are you now?
    3. Where do you want to go?
    4. How will you get there?
  • Integrated Planning Workshop

    This planning session includes the following: 

    • Net Worth Analysis
    • Portfolio Management
    • Income Tax Planning
    • Retirement Planning
    • Estate and Succession Planning
    • Life Insurance Analysis
    • Mentoring and Informing

    The Retiring Farmer works with the farm family and their external advisors such as lawyers, accountants, life insurance, and investment salespeople. Our in-house specialists can provide additional guidance.

  • Implementation and Management

    In the financial advisory industry, when financial plans fail it is usually because they were never successfully implemented. At The Retiring Farmer, much of our time is spent focusing on the responsibility of plan implementation on behalf of our clients. Implementation involves offering ongoing advice and management, frequent communication with clients, coordination of the multi-disciplinary client advisory team, and consolidated financial reporting to provide a meaningful picture of all financial activity. We also provide administrative services that are customized to the needs of each client and manage the following:

    • RRSP Contributions
    • TFSA Contributions
    • Cash Portfolio Withdrawals
    • Income Tax Instalments
    • Life Insurance Premium Payments

    Finally, we offer personal and/or corporate cash flow and income tax projection and planning.

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