The Retiring Farmer (TM)
The Retiring Farmer
The Retiring Farmer
The Retiring Farmer
The Retiring Farmer
The Retiring Farmer
The Retiring Farmer
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The Retiring Farmer™ is a concept developed from working with farm families across Saskatchewan for many years and now seeing those farm operations being sold or passed down to the next generation. Along with this transition are numerous concerns that often have not been fully addressed; the minimization of taxation upon the farm sale or its transfer to your children, the tax efficient management of wealth and income during your retirement.

The Retiring Farmer™ assists Saskatchewan farm families in the areas of tax planning, retirement planning, and estate distribution. Supported by our professional advisory group, we specialize in reducing taxation on the sale of the family farm and the tax efficient transfer of the farm to the next generation, either during the lifetime of a farmer or through their estate.
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Latest Update: Jan 13, 2015
The Online Learning Centre Has Launched!
  The team at the Retiring Farmer™ is excited to announce the launch of the Online...   Read more >